World Hepatitis Day 2020

Hepatitis C : A virus won’t stop us!

The health and social crisis linked to COVID-19 threatens to wipe out progress made in the fight against hepatitis C. On the ground, Coalition PLUS, its members and partners are mobilizing to ensure the continuity of prevention and support services in the most exposed communities, and thus contain new infections.
On the occasion of World Hepatitis Day 2020, we invite you to find out more about our actions, through the film “A virus won’t stop us”.
Produced by Coalition PLUS and Dokomundi, from images shot by ALCS (Morocco), DNP + (India), Malaysian AIDS Council (Malaysia), MTAAG + (Malaysia), Temeride (Colombia) Produced by: Coalition PLUS and Dokomundi
Written by: Juan y Pierre Gélas Filmed by: Denzil Basil, Hugo Castro, Manis Chen, Ashraf Fitri, Maria Angelica Jimenez, Edward Low and Aznag Safae
Editing and graphics: Pierre Gélas
Original music: Cédric Kayem Soundmix: Paul Le Bret
Subtitles: Média Solution


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